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Dear members of Dream Project (TEAM, Pakistan) huge family, it is matter of pride to interact with you two year before, I laid the foundation of this unique business for Poverty Alleviation from Pakistan with mutual success. Few sincere, visionary, passionate and objective oriented business friends appreciated my program and dedicated their valuable human resources for my mission – oriented Welfare & Development organization. Later on, they became concrete pillars of my Dream Project (TEAM, Pakistan) grand building. My efficient management translated my vision trough their selfless efforts and by the grace of ALLAH Almighty TEAM, Pakistan has now became first genuine referral marketing Organization of Pakistan. Referral marketing system has strengthened economies of Japan, America and Malaysia .I want to implement this advanced most made of marketing in Pakistan.

I want to realize my networks force to reduce the widening gap between the rich and the poor class in Pakistan. In this way, Millions of unemployed youth (Living below Poverty Level) can be attracted towards Dream Project of TEAM, Pakistan revolutionary bonus plan and reward system thus, we can make happy and prosper Pakistan by using the platform of Dream Project of TEAM, Pakistan. At this happy moment, I want to remind my dear business partners that Dream Project of TEAM, Pakistan program that guarantees economic security the countless citizens of Pakistan still has not been communicated to millions of our dear fellow citizens.

This is gigantic task we will have to do during this year. Dear business fellow be proactive to achieve these higher goals of Dream Project of TEAM, Pakistan. Sacrifice your present to ensure bright economic future of Pakistan with these high expectation and higher ideas of Dream Project of TEAM, Pakistan, I entrust you all to the divine custody of Allah Almighty. Thank You. Sarwar Ali Shaheen

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